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  • bcs tillers for sale HYRTT01

    Contact Nowbcs tillers for sale HYRTT01Tiller-Rear tine tillerModel:HYRTT01●Working width: 20“ ,26”,32”●Wording depth:8”●Tine speed: 290rpm●Packing: by Carton board 72*48*60cm, 87*48*60cm●Features:•Faster Tine Rotation for finer soils•ExclRead More2015-04-30

  • rotary plough for sale HYRP01

    Contact Nowrotary plough for sale HYRP01Tiller-Swivel rotary plowModel:HYRP01Digs up to 12'' deep and can be regulated by removable wheel.Discharges soil to right side and can be controlled by removable side flap.Four spiral blades turningRead More2015-04-30

  • moldboard plows for sale HYMP01

    Contact Nowmoldboard plows for sale HYMP01Tiller-Moldboard PlowModel: HYMP01The Moldboard Plow (also called Bottom Plow) applies the principle of turning soil used widely in traditional farming. The plow turns over topsoil, bringing subsoilRead More2015-04-30

  • moldboard plow for sale HYSMP01

    Contact Nowmoldboard plow for sale HYSMP01Tiller-Swivel Moldboard PlowModel: HYSMP01The Swivel Moldboard Plow is comprised of two plowshares; one positioned over the other. One plowshare rolls the soil to the right, while the other rolls soilRead More2015-04-30

  • HYR01

    Contact NowHYR01Tiller-Ridger Model:HYR01Adjustable wings for different row widthsEasily slides onto tiller attachment and attaches with a hitch pinPacking: By carton board 54*82*55cmRead More2015-04-30