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  • bcs tillers for sale HYRTT01

    Contact Nowbcs tillers for sale HYRTT01Tiller-Rear tine tiller Model:HYRTT01 ● Working width: 20“ ,26”,32” ● Wording depth: 8” ● Tine speed: 290rpm ● Packing: by Carton board 72*48*60cm, 87*48*60cm ● Features: •Faster Tine Rotation for finer soils •Exclusive planar wedge design •Adjustable tiller widths •Breaks new...Read More

  • rotary plough for sale HYRP01

    Contact Nowrotary plough for sale HYRP01Tiller-Swivel rotary plow Model:HYRP01 Digs up to 12'' deep and can be regulated by removable wheel. Discharges soil to right side and can be controlled by removable side flap. Four spiral blades turning up to 300 RPM. Each pass...Read More

  • moldboard plows for sale HYMP01

    Contact Nowmoldboard plows for sale HYMP01Tiller-Moldboard Plow Model: HYMP01 The Moldboard Plow (also called Bottom Plow) applies the principle of turning soil used widely in traditional farming. The plow turns over topsoil, bringing subsoil to the top and burying weeds and previous crops;...Read More

  • moldboard plow for sale HYSMP01

    Contact Nowmoldboard plow for sale HYSMP01Tiller-Swivel Moldboard Plow Model: HYSMP01 The Swivel Moldboard Plow is comprised of two plowshares; one positioned over the other. One plowshare rolls the soil to the right, while the other rolls soil to the left. Pivoting the shares at the end of each row enables the operator...Read More

  • HYR01

    Contact NowHYR01Tiller-Ridger Model:HYR01 Adjustable wings for different row widths Easily slides onto tiller attachment and attaches with a hitch pin Packing: By carton board 54*82*55cmRead More